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October 28, 2014: This page and a number of other pages on this website have photos that show pencil sharpeners and staplers in motion to enable you to see how they work. You can see the movement if you use the Firefox browser. Unfortunately, it appears that the newest version of Internet Explorer no longer recognizes the HTML code used for these moving pictures. I do not know about other browsers.


 Early Office Museum Lobby

The Early Office MuseumTM engages in research on the history and evolution of offices, antique office machines and equipment, and business technology based on original documents, artifacts, and vintage photographs.  

The Museum disseminates its research findings via exhibits on this web site.  To visit the Exhibits, please click on the preceding link or the link at the top of this page.  

The Museum was founded in 2000.  Since then, the Curator has expanded and updated this web site's content continuously and is doing so in 2015.

You can send an email to the Curator.  We welcome photos and information to improve our web site.  We deal in historical information and are not able to offer appraisals or information about current market values.  We do not have information on how to repair or restore early machines or to obtain parts.  We purchase some antique office items. 

We are delighted to be included in The Collector's Weekly HALL OF FAME for Best Collector Sites on the Web. We're also incredibly thankful to our friends at the Museum of Business History and Technology, CheckMaid, and Getty Images for helping to support this site over the years.

More About the Museum
The Curator (seated center) and staff of three have worked like dogs for more than 15 years to create this online museum, and all rights are reserved. Please read the copyright notice at the bottom of the page.

Please contact the Curator to obtain permission to use the Museum's vintage photographs or to obtain high-resolution scans of those photographs.

The Early Office Museum is a web site and does not have a collection of office items or a building. 

The Museum has no government funding, membership fees, ticket sales, endowment, or grants, employs no lobbyists, and donates to no politicians.  

We thank the many museums, libraries, historical societies, and private collectors that have allowed us to use their photographs and to photograph items in their collections.


Copyright 2000-2015.  All material on the Early Office Museum web site is copyrighted.  All rights are reserved.

First, you must not plagiarize our material.  Plagiarism is the act of passing off as your own the words, photographs, or other work of someone else.  That is, not giving appropriate credit.  Second, you must not violate our copyright, which means you may not use any images or text from the Early Office Museum web site in publications, in direct mailing material, on web sites, in auction listings, or anywhere else without written permission from the Curator.  In some cases, images belong to someone else, and we cannot give permission.  If you make a non-infringing use of information from this web site, please cite the Early Office Museum and provide a link or our web address (www.officemuseum.com or www.earlyofficemuseum.com).  If you believe that we have not given appropriate credit for your work or have violated your copyright, please email the curator so we can resolve the matter.

We hope that you enjoy the presentation of our research results on office antiquities